Monday, 25 April 2011

horror film font analysis

Horror film font analysis
To find out what makes a good font design for a horror film, I decided to look at some of the most critically acclaimed horrors of all time, and analyse there design.


The design for the font in psycho is relatively simple, but holds a lot more value once the film has been witnessed.  The crack that runs through signifies the mental damage of the films killer, the infamous Norman bates. But after watching the film, it also can be interpreted in another, deeper way. As revealed by the films plot twist, Norman bates houses 2 personalities inside one person, him and his mother. As the crack in the font goes right through all the letters, it can signify 2 personalities, 2 sides of the same person.

The font used for Ridley Scotts alien film is very plain and very stark. It is simple white text of ‘alien’ on a black background. The pitch black background could be a visual representation of space, where the film is essentially set. It relies on its contrasting colours and plain, basic visual design to evoke mystery, giving the film added appeal
The shining

the shining, much like ‘alien’, has a very basic, yet distinct font style. Solid black letters sit upon white nothingness, giving a stark contrast to the word. The word ‘shining’ could also signify the dark and evil things that happen inside the overlook hotel during the events of the film. The white surrounding it could represent the snow that barricades the residents in, and leaves them vulnerable to the sinister happenings that take place.

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